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Angeli Cristiani is a family owned and operated business proudly located in West Des Moines. We have been caring for children since 1995. Angeli Cristiani has an open door policy and would encourage you to stop by and see our program anytime.

Angeli Cristiani Childcare will strive to operate our center in accordance with the laws of the state of Iowa. In doing this, we maintain proper records for each child and provide a clean and safe facility which meets or exceeds fire and safety regulations. We will provide adequate nutritional needs for the children and administer care and discipline in a loving, effective, and positive way.

Our activities provide educational experiences which enable children to develop socially, academically, spiritually, and physically. Curriculum is geared to each age level and incorporates many areas of development from large and small motor skills to creativity. Principles of basic moral behavior such as helping, sharing, and obeying are interwoven to create a well-rounded program.