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What are the ratios in our classrooms?

  • 4 infants to 1 caregiver
  • 4 Toddlers to 1 caregiver
  • 6 2yr olds to 1 caregiver
  • 6 3yr olds to 1 caregiver
  • 12 preschoolers to 1 caregiver

These ratios are the max and most times we run one or two children under the ratio.

Are our teachers qualified?
All full time teachers are current in First Aid and CPR, they have all received 10 hours of training "Welcome TO CHILDCARE SERIES" All teachers are qualified in Universal Precautions and have passed a criminal background check.

  • Angeli Cristiani conduct fire, and tornado drills monthly so children and staff are prepared for an emergency.
  • Our children from age two-preschool learn words in English and Spanish at a time when their brains are ready to receive and retain language.
  • Every classroom follows a classroom schedule rich in cognitive, art, dramatic play, music and movement small motor, large motor activities.
  • Children are provided breakfest,lunch, and afternoon snack each day. Infants are provided with baby food, and formula.
  • We are a Peanut Free childcare center.
  • We are an equal opportunity provider.

What are your hours of operation?
Our hours of operation are 6:30am to 6:00pm.