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The staff hired for Angeli Cristiani are hired with the children's best interest at heart. All full time staff are required to receive our Welcome to Childcare training series and exceeds what the state requires in training for the first year. Our staff is certified in C.P.R., First Aid, Universal Precautions, and are all mandatory reporters.

Our preschool teachers are certified teachers and have a one year C.D.A, a two year degree in early childhood education, or two years or more in a child related field.

All teachers at Angeli Cristiani are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and are provided a schedule of activities that are supervised by director and leadership team of the center.

Angeli Cristiani follows all the laws in accordance with the state of Iowa. In addition, we also work with nurse consultants and the quality rating staff to provide the best practices possible.

Angeli Cristiani provides a professional on-site Speech Pathologist for children who may need services in this area.