ReviewsWe can't express our gratitude!

Today was a big day for our family. It was the last day of daycare/preschool. We can't express our gratitude enough to the amazing saints that have loved on our sassy pants for the last five years. We never doubted that she was treated like one of your own children. In fact, she's asked me more than once if Mrs. Nicole can be her grandma. The value of knowing your child is safe, learning and enjoying it is immeasurable. Thanks for taking care of our baby, Angeli Christiani!

We love the staff!

I just wanted to write you to tell you how much we love the staff and methods at Angeli Cristiani! When we were looking for daycares before our son was born we wanted a center where we felt comfortable leaving our baby every day. You have exceeded our expectations, and we are incredibly lucky to have found you through Molly Gill!

My first impression when meeting with you and looking at the baby room for the first time was, "wow!" Other centers we had visited had a play mat the size of our coffee table surrounded by cribs and several exersaucers. Angeli Cristiani has a large room with plenty of space for babies to be on the floor and roll around! I shared this with my son's developmental pediatrician, and she said this is excellent! Babies learn and have better developmental growth when they have plenty of play time on the floor! I can see this, as my son is only 5 months old now and is already trying to push himself along on the floor!

The second thing I noticed was how friendly and inviting your staff is. Every person who I've encountered has had a smile and greets my son by name. I love that you are small enough to actually know your kids! It also put my mind at ease the second week I brought my son in and he gave his caretaker the biggest smile I'd ever seen him give anyone who wasn't his dad or me. I knew he was being well cared for based on this reaction alone!

We love everything about you guys, so much so that we didn't hesitate to move with you to your new location. We feel so lucky to have found a center like Angeli Cristiani!

Staff is like family!

All three of my children went here. Staff is like family. Always a warm feeling going into the daycare. Very rich with christianity and curriculum is very advanced. Kids say lunches are delicious! Beautiful center. Teachers are very knowledgeable of early childhood development. Amazing location!